Journo Asked Vidya Balan Will She Ever Lose Weight. The Actress Gave A Savage Reply

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7:00 pm 14 Nov, 2017


Vidya Balan is one of those few Bollywood actresses who has earned a name in the industry by staying naturally beautiful. Without going under a knife, Vidya has worked on her own terms. In spite of the fact that Bollywood works on objectifying women, the actress has carried herself gracefully and has managed to do films that can bring a change a society on in people’s perception.


But the talented actress has been fat-shamed for staying the way she wants to. We have seen Vidya in many woman-centric movies but do women-centric movies have something do with the body weight of the women? No!

However, it’s really difficult to change people’s perspective who think a well toned up body of a woman can only be called glamorous. Time is changing at a lightning speed but it will still take time for people to change their narrow and generalizing mentalities. Vidya is busy promoting her upcoming film ‘Tumhari Sulu’. The film’s story revolves around a homemaker who later discovers her talent as a radio jockey and then faces the twist and turns of life. Do you think this role cannot be played by a woman with a lean body? They why the makers of the film chose Vidya? Well, because of her talented acting skills and not because her body weight will suit the character.



While interacting with the media recently, the actress got stunned by the type of questions she was bombarded with by one of the journos.

The journalist said that we have been seeing Vidya in a lot of women-centric films. Is she planning to change the genre and lose some weight? The journo even explained his question and said if she will ever think of having a glamorous body.



The weird question left the actress visibly shocked. But she made a comeback and gave a savage reply.



Upon listening to this stupid question, Vidya said,

“I am happy the way I am and whatever I am doing. At least it will help to change people who have a thinking and perspective like you.”

Watch Vidya giving a befitting reply below:



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