This Is Why ‘Joule 4.0’ Was The One Of The Most Amazing College Fests Of 2017

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4:31 pm 23 Aug, 2017


Kishinchand Chellaram College is one of the premier institutions affiliated to the University of Mumbai. This acclaimed college recently organized ‘Joule’, a biennial fest, that combines innovation and fun like no one.

The theme of this fest was “Go Digital”, hence, a series of competitions happened that highlighted how the innovation of apps is changing the world.

‘Joule 4.O-The APP’ocalypse’ was a three-day event that started on August 12 and ended on August 14.



This fest was also created with a mission to help needy children. It organized a 7-day donation drive where every college student donated books, toys, clothes, and other fundamental items to underprivileged children.

Joule 4.0 held a flash mob called “The War Of Apps” at various crowded places in Mumbai. It was a fierce battleground to showcase your dancing skills and win the title of the favorite app.


The flagship event, Start app, encouraged participants to bring out their creativity, knowledge, and marketing skills to sell their own app to the judges.

Another major event, Pandora’s box, was quite a daunting task where students had to create new sellable items from a box of waste items.  

To add the X factor, a drama event was organized where participants had to do stand-up comedy, enacting their favorite application. Also, Mr & Ms joule was decided during a personality pageant which included singing, dancing, and ramp walking. 


With such a variety of events, this fest had everything — entertainment, innovation and a mission, which is a rare fusion nowadays.



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