VJ Jose ‘Defends’ BMC’s ‘Innovative Work’ In Mumbai And Slams Those Who Say There Are Potholes

Updated on 27 Jul, 2017 at 8:29 pm


Monsoon in Mumbai unleashes an unimaginable kind of horror upon the people of the city. You can hear everyone cribbing about heavy rains and potholes, the pests and the mosquitoes, and the garbage that just lies there like a lazy man on a couch.


Potholes across Mumbai city. Wikimedia Commons

Red FM RJ Malishka recently went to war with BMC over this civic problem. She pointed at the potholes and blamed BMC for inefficiency. The BMC fired back at her with a notice asking to submit a fine, but Malishka has her share of supporters.


Now VJ Jose, in his own characteristic humor, dives into the mess and goes around Bandra in search of the truth. Guess what? He discovers that the BMC should not be blamed at all!

Wait, what? Don’t you get it? He is taking potshots at the BMC using potholes! That video is full of sarcasm, if you need to be explained things.

Jose hilariously points at the potholes but refuses to call them so. He says that they are hi-tech speed breakers or serve as tea bowls for birds and people.


Screengrab from Twitter.

“It smells nice over here. I am getting smells of vegetables, I’m getting smells of fruits, some really interesting smells over here,” he says walking by a garbage dump.

And comments are flooding on his post appreciating him for his take and using his power for exposing a sad reality. The video has collected almost 12,000 ‘likes’ and more than 9,000 retweets.

And meanwhile in Mumbai, people are tuning themselves to the spirit of monsoon and enjoying the part of the city even if it a trouble maker.


Wikimedia Commons



Enjoy the rains and the tea!

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