Why Jos Buttler’s ‘F**K It’ Story Is Considered Cool And Loved By The Fans

7:11 pm 4 Jun, 2018


It was long since England cricket team tasted the ‘sweetness’ of victory and finally, their recent win over Pakistan ensured that, at least in Tests. Though not single-handedly, but Jos Buttler played a part in finally bringing that happiness with his magnificent score of 80 not out. Not to forget, he also bagged the man-of-the-match award. However, what captured the attention of the media and later the audiences are two words written on the handle of his bat.




This right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper started his career by playing a pivotal role in restoring England’s victory. Soon there was a decline in that ever-increasing graph. However, backed by his aggression he picked up the gaps and is in the game again.

The story is not about him though, but what he wrote on his bat. During drink break, when he put down his bat then the camera zoomed in to find something amusing. The handle was adorned with two simple words, ‘Fuck It!

Here is an image:



However, this is not the first time these words found their way into his bats. There are times when he carefully painted the entire handle to hide the words before placing them for charity auctions.

There are times when the senior members of Buttler family had to engage in conversations with the younger ones about the profanity of the new word they learned while playing with cricket kit of Jos Buttler.



Taking a look at the career graph of the player, we must admit that the mantra has served him well. At least it’s making him aggressive to show his true potential and rise to new heights.

Not to forget, the fans are loving the ‘Fuck It’ story. Over the period, many have commented on how it has actually has improved his gameplay and pushing him to reach the top of the graph again. In short, this ‘cool’ act sits perfectly well with the fans.



Here are some of the tweets that totally supports the player:










Though dwelling on the realm of vulgarity, this is certainly the right approach for many things in modern life. Don’t you think so?

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