Jonty Rhodes Tells Us Why He Named His Newborn Daughter ‘India’

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3:48 pm 28 Apr, 2015


The former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes became a proud father on April 23, 2015 when his wife Melanie Jeanee gave birth to a beautiful daughter in Mumbai.

Rhodes, who is in India as the fielding coach of the Mumbai Indians for this season of the Indian Premier League, named his daughter India Jeanne Jonty Rhodes.

As reported by Mid-Day, Rhodes explained why he choose to name his daughter as ‘India’. He said:

“I have spent a lot of time here. What I love about India is that it’s a rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition. It is a very spiritual country, very forward-thinking nation. I really like that combination. You have to have a good balance of life.”

The baby was delivered through water birth and weighed 3.7 kg. Rhodes explaining his love for our nation said:

“What we really like about India is that everyday we discover something new about this country. As people, we like discovering things about yourself and that’s hopefully what she (the baby) will also discover.”

However, Rhodes is not the first one to name his child after a country.

West Indies batting legend Brian Lara named his daughter Sydney after scoring his first Test century in the Australian city, while former New Zealand pacer Dion Nash also named his daughter India.

Not very surprised by it, Rhodes said:

“So, we are not the first ones. In fact, there are some kids in South Africa (too) named India. But I have my reasons to give her this name. It’s more to do with the cultural and traditional diversities of India.”

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