Someone Copied This Guy’s Joke On Facebook And Ended Up Paying Him ₹51 For it. WTF!

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9:52 pm 10 Mar, 2017


So, this is how the story goes. A Twitter user @HimanshuKhodke posted a joke about YouTube, and instantly, his witty joke became viral.

This is what he had tweeted:

Well, not so surprisingly, some guys copied his joke on Facebook. Hence, Himanshu decided to shame them publicly.

Kaam mera aur fame tera?



The last guy (in the above frame) wasn’t happy with being shamed and asked Himanshu to remove him from his post. Thereafter, he had a quite a funny conversation with Himanshu.

This is how they chatted,



In the end, the guy gave up and offered ₹51 to Himanshu as a compensation for using his joke.


Himanshu, for a second, might have thought that this guy is joking. But, no. He transferred the amount with a perfect comment, “Rona Band kar bhai please”.


In the end, Himanshu shared the entire incident like a boss:





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