(Closed) Join TopYaps As An Associate Editor At Our Delhi Office

Updated on 1 Dec, 2017 at 12:33 pm

TopYaps is a media portal which tells stories to reach the full spectrum of India’s social web. From the 2-minute snackables to the uniquely insightful posts, you’ll find trending and socially relevant stories on TopYaps. We create the best-tailored content for our audiences based on a meticulous research on the trends and developments at home and the world.

How can you be a part of this journey?

Join us as a full-time Associate Editor (English) at our office in New Delhi! It is a responsible position where you will get to share your skills and knowledge with others as well as learn new things every day.

What will you be doing?

Your responsibilities will include everything from editing/publishing articles written by TopYaps staff writers and freelancers to management of editorial operations. You are expected to share new ideas which you think the readers of TopYaps would be excited about.



How long will you have to work?

Everything depends on your speed and the task for the day. This is not an office where you have to spend a specific set of hours even if you don’t do anything. This is also not an office where they twist you till your back breaks. So basically, you can chill while doing your work.


What do we want in you?

We value the smartness of a coder, the wisdom of a monk, and the discipline of a Samurai.



We don’t like automatons. We also don’t like Petyr Baelish. (Yeah, we know he was the show’s greatest manipulator but not a character you’d love.)

And how many days a week?

Six days! We are in the business of storytelling. There are so, so many people eager to read unique stories every day.