John Abraham Walked Out Of ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ After Krishna Roasted Him Just Too Much

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8:30 pm 10 Nov, 2016

‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ has a strange format where the invited celebrity is ridiculed unapologetically. This format is a nasty way to entertain people and make them laugh. But, sometimes, we fail to acknowledge that comedy, too, has certain boundaries and it can really offend someone on a personal level.

After Tanisha Chatterjee, it is John Abraham, who decided to leave ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’ show in between the shoot after Krishna shamelessly joked about his film ‘Paap’ which starred his ex-girlfriend, Bipasha Basu.



It appears that Krishna is deeply regretting this incident. He said:

“John and I have known each other for many years now and he is the only Bollywood actor who called me when my father passed away recently. I am really sad that I upset him.”

He further added that he had realised that John was upset with him during the show:

“When he refused to shake a leg with Sonakshi and me on stage, I realised that he was upset. He soon walked out and I ran after him, but he left. I want to apologise to him; I haven’t slept since the last few days because of this. I specially flew down from my sho0t in Kulu Manali because John had agreed to be on the show. I hope he understands and forgives me.”

We wish they resolve their differences soon. Comedians need to realise that though comedy is a form of entertainment but it shouldn’t become an insensitive culture.


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