After Ajay Devgn, John Abraham To Set Up His Own Theatre Chain. Read Details

7:32 pm 12 Aug, 2018


It is only a few days ago that we reported that Bollywood actor John Abraham says that he wants to bring a change in Indian cinema. And now, the actor says that he will set up his own theatre chain like fellow actor Ajay Devgn has been doing. Ajay Devgn had taken it upon himself to develop theatre chains in Central India, specifically in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and its surrounding areas.

Deciding to follow suit, the ‘Satyameva Jayate’ actor says that he is going to set up his own network of theatres in future, and it will be in the North Eastern part of India.




Speaking exclusively to Bollywood Hungama, John Abraham revealed his plans when asked if more and more actors should take up initiatives like Ajay Devgn has been doing.

Before the anchor even finishes his questions, John says that he will be doing that and it will be in the northeast. The actor says that “it (northeast) is a developing area and our films don’t really reach out there.”


John Abraham says he will set up his theatre chain

Screenshot from the interview


Talking about the reach Indian films have, as compared to China, John went on to talk about how the limited number of screens affects any film’s overall business.

When the anchor said that China is growing 25,000 screens around two years back, now they have 45,000, and by the end of this year, they will have around 60,000 screens, John asked how many screens India have. When told that India has only 5,000 screens for Hindi, the actor opined that India needs to increase the number of screens. He said that India needs to build miniplexes in tier two, tier three and tier four cities, converting the single screen into two screen shows where the emerging middle-class population gets the experience of overall enjoyment when they go out. He said that we should increase two-three thousand screens in a year.



The actor went on to say that the concept of 50 or 75 days is over and that we need to get that cinema culture back. He said that the concept of 100 crores in the first three days is the biggest misconception in Indian cinema. To listen to the full interview, you can see here.


While we hope that John Abraham’s futuristic views are realized in the coming future, the actor is currently gearing up for his forthcoming film ‘Satyameva Jayate’, which is slated to release next week.