Here’s Why John Abraham Favours Nepotism But Hates Rich People

5:27 pm 25 Jul, 2018


John Abraham, who has been actively working in Bollywood for more than one and a half decade now, is a self-made man. Whatever he has achieved in his professional life is entirely his own. Be it his enviable stardom, massive fan following across the world, or the prestigious win at the 60th National Film Awards for his maiden production venture Vicky Donor (2011), John has attained these notable accomplishments with his hard-work and indefatigable spirit.

But unlike many star-kids, who get their first break because of their influential father or mother, Abraham’s journey in showbiz was a little thorny. Before entering the movies, he worked as a media planner and then dived into modelling. Soon he decided to become an actor and consequently his struggle to get his first movie began. But even after getting success in his initial years, it was not easy to maintain it, and John had to work even harder to prove his mettle with each new project or endeavor that he took up.



While any other actor, who comes from a non-industry background, would niggle about ‘favoritism’ or, I would say, ‘nepotism’ in Bollywood, John does not see a problem with it.

While talking on this subject he shared:

“People talk about nepotism. I think there is nothing wrong with it. A doctor’s son becomes a doctor and a judge’s son becomes a judge. Then why do we have a problem with our industry?”




However, John believes that an actor’s offspring may get more chances as compared to newcomers coming from the non-industry background, but ultimately it is one’s talent that takes one farther. Here’s what he expressed:

“Having said that, if you are an actor’s son, you will get more chances. But your success is mainly dependent on your talent. Look at Ranbir! He’s proved his mettle. People love him. But people may not like someone else as much. I don’t think there should a problem with nepotism. I get along very well with those boys (who belong to established film families). There is nothing wrong. I am not like, “No, I am from outside, so I should not be gelling with them”.



Though the handsome hunk John Abraham does not have any problem with nepotism, but he does have issues with people who think they can buy everything with their riches.

“People often say that I don’t like rich people. Honestly, I like very few rich people. I have a problem (with them). I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong, but I do have a problem (with them). I have a problem with rich people because they feel entitled. They think they can buy everything.”



John Abraham, whose last film Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran (2018) was a massive hit at the ticket window, will shortly be seen in his next Satyamev Jayate. The movie rolls into cinemas on 15th August, 2018.