Jodhpur Railway Station Gets A Makeover To Look More Palatial And Artistic

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9:09 pm 5 Sep, 2016

Jodhpur Railway Station has been around for a long time; since 1885 to be precise. On 9 March, 1885, the first train ran from Jodhpur to Luni. Later on, in 1900, as Jodhpur and Hyderabad railways were combined, some part of this railway system ended up in present-day west Pakistan.

Jodhpur Station pillar


To change the look of this ancient station, regional artwork has been painted on pillars, walls and ceilings, Geometrical flowers, kings, queens and royal lifestyle are depicted, making the station look both colorful and artistic.

Jodhpur Station ceiling


As Jodhpur is a major tourist destination, this effort will probably be appreciated by tourists. However, it is also a matter of pride for the local people, not only to see administration trying to improve something but also to see their local art being promoted in such a manner.

Jodhpur pillar


Origin: SUNO



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