14 Jobs Which Technology Will Replace By 2025

10:00 am 17 Feb, 2015


Humans are near-perfection, but the world doesn’t want something that isn’t perfect. That’s why we’ve started making robots; to help improve the work done, optimize the time it takes to work and eventually destroy the livelihood of millions of people. This isn’t just a thing of the future, it’s a trend. Here are just a few jobs that technology (and more specifically robots) will replace by 2025:

1. Delivery men

When Domino’s promises you “30 minutes or less”, it won’t just be a marketing tactic. And Amazon won’t have to worry about less-than-24-hour shipments with these drones doing all their work.

2. Sales and service representatives

We’ve already begun automating our call centers. Now it’s only a matter of time before the sales and service teams will be motorized. This could affect thousands of jobs, especially the labor class.

3. Astronauts

With ISRO making leaps and bounds in the aeronautics department, they’re now toying with technology to replace astronauts. Yet another child’s dream down the gutter.

4. Doctors

As Indians, almost all of us have at least once wanted to be a doctor. The next time you go for a check-up, you might be staring at some mechanical parts giving you a diagnosis you don’t even understand.

5. Professional coaches

Coaches can help us, motivate us and teach us. But in the recent past, artificial intelligence is perfecting that task, taking away yet another thing humans are good at.

6. Bartenders

I always thought bartenders were best when they interacted and made jokes, but now apparently technology can do that and more.

7. Soldiers

Indians are passionate about their country and serving it, but our soldiers may soon be able to take several hundred more bullets in the “name of India”.

8. Accountants

Even humans make mistakes. But there’s no way an automated accountant could ever screw up your taxes, which means even an MBA won’t ensure your job prospects.

9. Sanitation workers

For some it’s a profession and for some it’s a necessity. No matter how you look at it, no one likes digging around in the sewers. That’s why technology will replace our sanitation workers and make the entire system free of physical labour.

10. Librarians

If you thought the library was strict before, wait till everything you say can be heard word-for-word.

11. Drivers

Google, Audi, BMW, Merc……and soon Maruti, Mahindra, and Tata. Eventually, even our Prime Minister won’t need a driver with all these self-driving cars around.

12. Maids and butlers

This is a long awaited want of many people, but not something that’ll help the job crisis.

13. Guards

It’s true that they’re probably the best at what they do, but then where will all our security personnel and guards get a chance to doze off while at work??

14. Pets

We buys pets to give us love, affection, keep us company and protect us. Now, we’ll buy them so we can kick ’em around.