‘Outsider’ Slaps Kanhaiya Kumar On Campus Because He Abused The Indian Army

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2:43 pm 11 Mar, 2016


Kumar was on JNU campus on March 10 evening, when an ‘outsider’ just entered the campus and slapped and abused him.


What is more, Kumar was attacked while a lecture on nationalism was being delivered on JNU campus. The attacker was also allegedly carrying a knife in his hand.

Eyewitnesses recall that the attacker called Kumar out, took him aside to talk, and suddenly slapped him in the middle of the conversation.





He had started dragging him by his hair when Kumar’s friends caught up to them and got hold of the attacker.

The attacker was later identified as Vikas Chaudhary, who said he attacked Kumar because he wanted to teach him a lesson for insulting the Indian Army.


Indian Express

Vikas Chaudhary being restrained from attacking Kumar. Indian Express

The campus authorities have registered an FIR against Chaudhary.