J&K Services Selection Board Issues Admit Card To A Donkey! Twitterati Roast Them Left, Right And Center!

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4:17 pm 4 May, 2018


Have you ever imagined a donkey sitting next to you in an examination hall? Most likely, not! But this could have happened with some aspirants of government job in Jammu and Kashmir. And what about the person whom the donkey would have replaced in the exam hall? Looks like a joke, right? But it isn’t!




This indeed is a very serious issue that highlights the level of negligence and irresponsibility of the government recruitment agency. It became a hot topic of discussion on social media recently when it gained public attention. For recruitment test for naib tehsildars that was scheduled for April 29 in Jammu and Kashmir, a prankster got an admit card of a donkey issued by J&K Services Selection Board. The admit card literally had the photograph of a donkey in the place of candidate’s picture and its name was mentioned as “Kachur Khar” (brown donkey). Take a look at the picture of the admit card below:



This is not the first time that Jammu and Kashmir administration has issued an admit card to an animal. About 2 years ago, the Board of Professional Entrance Examinations in the State had issued an admit card to a cow!



The picture of the admit card of the donkey spread like a wildfire on the social media and garnered all sorts of hilarious reactions from people. Do check out a few below:



















As per a report by The Hindu, the Jammu and Kashmir government played down the card and said that it would have no impact on the credibility of its recruitment. Do you think the administration can be trusted for their procedures of recruitment after this incident? Share your views with us in the comments section!

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