Reliance Jio’s LYF Smartphone Explodes In User’s Hand, Causes Serious Injuries

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:26 pm

Mukesh Ambani’s launch of Reliance Jio’s  4G network last week, left the digital market left in a  shock. The news about its dirt-cheap data plans, free local and STD calling, spread like wild fire.

Overnight, thousands of users decided to apply for the Jio sim cards. If we go by reports, they claim that high demand for Jio is encouraging people to sell them at blackmarket prices.



But this Facebook post could be a concern for you if you have a Reliance Jio’s smartphone or if you are planning to buy one!

Gedi Route Jammu, a Facebook page claims a Jio LYF Water 1 phone exploded while it was in the user’s hand.



As per reports, the user was browsing Facebook when the phone ‘LYF Water 1’ suddenly exploded in his hand. However, the reason behind the explosion is yet not known.



Take a look at the Facebook post below: