This Lady Was Tired Of Poor Internet Speed And That’s How Jio Was Born

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Updated on 20 Mar, 2018 at 3:20 pm


Reliance Jio has taken the nation by storm. Jio made India the world’s largest mobile broadband data consuming nation in less than two years. Mukesh Ambani had spent around $31 billion to enter India’s phone market and now runs the country’s No. 4 telecom carrier by providing free calls and internet data at minimal rates.

Not many people know how the idea of Jio was conceived. To an average person, it may seem like a brainchild of very experienced marketers, engineers, growth managers and the Reliance executive board. However, the truth is that this idea came from a simple problem that most of the students of India faced at that time.



Speaking at the ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards, Mukesh Ambani revealed:

“The idea of Jio was first seeded by my daughter, Isha, in 2011. She was a student at Yale (in the US) and was home for holidays. She wanted to submit some coursework and she said, Dad, the internet in our house sucks.”

Ambani added that Akash, his son, commented that in the old world, telecom was limited to voice and people made money on voice calls but now everything is digital. He further said:

“Isha and Akash belong to India’s young generation that is far more creative, far more ambitious and far more impatient to become the best in the world. These young Indians convinced me that broadband internet is the defining technology of our age and India cannot be left behind.”




Speaking more about his future plans for Jio, Mukesh Ambani commented:

We launched Jio in September 2016. And today Jio has already become the biggest game changer in India. This will make India a leader in 4G in 2019,” he said. “It took the combined Indian telecom industry 25 years to build a pan-India 2G network. Jio took just three years to build a 4G LTE network, which is much larger and far more advanced. And it is also 5G-ready today.




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