Stir Caused By Jimmy Shergill’s Latest, ‘Shorgul’, Transcends The Hindu-Muslim Divide

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2:45 pm 24 Jun, 2016


Jimmy Shergill’s been doing some very interesting movies in recent years. The fact that he’s a good actor was established with ‘Haasil’ in 2003. Now his latest, ‘Shorgul’, seems to have rubbed some Uttar Pradesh vaasis the wrong way.

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‘Shorgul’, is about the “friendship” between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl that gets painted in communal colors and causes riots. The film is loosely based on the 2013 riots in Muzaffarnagar.

The Khamman Peer Baba Committee has issued a fatwa against Shergill because they’re mad he’s “enacting scenes that will cause unrest in the community”. The fatwa also bans Jimmy from ever being allowed to shoot a film in Uttar Pradesh from hereon out.


BJP’s Sangeet Som also seems dead set against the screening of ‘Shorgul’ in Muzaffarnagar. Som is believed to have had a hand in the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013. So his reluctance about the movie being screened on his home turf seems umm… creepy, indefensible, and despicable, sure! But at some very base level, understandable.

So, in an ironic turn of events, worry, on the one side, and guilt, on the other, seem to have finally bridged the gap between the two communities, and they now stand united against Shergill and ‘Shorgul’.

Meh! We’re a strange kind of people, aren’t we?!! Anyway, the film’s release has been pushed back by a week and ‘Shorgul’ is now slated to hit theatres on July 1, 2016. Unless more political/legal trouble finds it, that is!



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