They Are Openly Challenging Mamata Banerjee In Bengal Yet The CM Ignores Them

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7:04 pm 30 Dec, 2016

If it were not for social media, India would not have known the anti-Hindu riot in Dhulagarh in West Bengal. If it were not for social media, you would not have known that Islamist radicals tried to destroy a school in Uluberia because the headmaster objected to them holding Milad-ul-Nabi procession on school grounds without permission.

The extremely well-educated, liberal-secular journalists did their best to defend the Islamists.


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee filed FIR against journalists who showed the truth.

Now here is a proof that Mamata’s actions have been emboldening dangerous elements who are now openly threatening her and the police in Bengal.

This video was uploaded by HawkFeed. It shows an unidentified Muslim leader in Uluberia openly exhorting a Muslim mob to attack the RPF policemen and the headmaster of the school. What is shocking is his threat to the Chief Minister and the “peaceful” mob cheering to the same.



An English transcript, as written by Hawkfeed, has been published below

“Do you know how coward these school teachers are? Do you know how coward this Head master is? Now they are afraid of you people and those sitting inside the Gurberia Thana. When I was in car, the OC of the thana was calling me and saying ‘Hujur, please forgive them, all these teachers have came to my place. President is also here, please we have to talk with them.’ I replied I don’t talk with cowards. If they are child of a single father and single mother ask them to come here inside the school building to meet me. People of Howrah Amta area, Gourharishpur area,Panchla area,Uluberia have came here to protest and how can you ask only me to make a deal? All of them came here for their Prophet , I came here for the same reason. OC sir even if you send 2000 RAF we are not afraid as we are here not for our-self but for out Prophet. Narah e Takbir, Allha hu Akbar (public). Narah e Takbir, Allha hu Akbar (public), Narah e Takbir, Allha hu Akbar (public). Police said to me what will happen if RAF arrrive? I said RAF can not do any thing… even father of RAF can’t do anything, even if CM herself come here nobody can stop us. Is this correct or wrong. Yes (public). Whoever came here they came here for nabi – for prophet. Whatever party they can do but everyone came here for nabi, we are one for our nabi. We are united for our rashul, we are united for our prophet. we are united for our Allah. We are united for our Quran. We are united for Shariya, we are united for our Allah. is this right or wrong? Yes (public). But we are not going to forgive that schoolmaster so easily. He can escape the net but not the pond. Am I right? Yes (public). Today he escaped the net but noway he can escape from the pond . That rascal has to come back.”


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