A museum in Herat province of Afghanistan keeps the grisly memory of the Soviet invasion alive through its various displays consisting of statues, panoramas, memorial walls and military weapons. The museum, known as Manzar-e-Jehad, or Jihad Museum, was founded by Abdel Wahab Qattali to tell the story of the nine years of war his country fought before the invading Soviet Union pulled back its troops on February 15, 1989.

1. Former Soviet soldier, Khakimov Bakhrodin, now Sheikh Abdullah, looking at a display in the Manzar-e-Jehad, or Jihad Museum

Sheikh Abdullah looks at a display in the Manzar-e Jahad

2. Abdullah, now a museum assistant, stands alongside a Soviet chopper

Museum assistant Sheikh Abdullah stands alongside a Soviet helicopter

3. Names of Afghans killed fighting Russians during the invasion in 1979

Names of Afghans-Jihad-Museum

4. Portraits of top Mujahedeen commanders in the Jihad Museum

Portraits of prominent commanders

5. Worker making a sculpture depicting victims of the Soviet invasion of Afghan

Afghan laborer works on a plaster statu in  Jihad-Museum

6. Statues depicting victims of the invasion in the Jihad Museum

Statues depicting the victims of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

7. Statues depicting Mujahedeen fighters killing Soviets

Afghan laborer looks

8. Fighting during the invasion

Detail of a tableau at jihad museum

9. Tableau of Afghan fighters


10. Abdullah stands alongside a display

Jihad Museum burning tanks

11. More sculptures in the museum

Jihad-Museum-staff  of the Military museum

12. Guide describing fight during invasion


13. More displays

Museum assistant Sheikh

14. Tableau of Soviet tanks entering city

Jihad Museum-walk Sheikh Abdullah

15. Pain and suffering

Jihad Museum

16. War against invaders

 Afghanistan's war against the former Soviet Union's army

17. Another tableau depicting fighting

guide in the Jihad Museum

Credit: In Focus of The Atlantic.