Bangladesh’s Famous Photographer Clicked A Kissing Couple, But You Won’t Imagine What Happened Next!

2:16 pm 27 Jul, 2018


It’s very easy to debate the consequences of social media these days. With pictures getting viral, many times even the faces behind those famous pictures get into limelight. Whether it’s a Bollywood photographer or a photo-journalist, moral policing doesn’t spar anyone. Sometimes, a photographer’s life becomes a cause of concern after their pictures hurt either religious sentiments or just get attacked for instigating minorities. That’s what happened with Jibon Ahmed’s picture.

In Bangladesh, famous controversial photographer Jibon Ahmed’s picture, he just provoked harsh reactions and a major social outcry.



For the unknown, young Bangladeshi photographer, Jibon Ahmed, is known as the king of controversy in his homeland. In 2015, he photographed Bangladeshi-American atheist blogger Avijit Roy’s bloodied wife pleading for the plight of freethinkers and rationalists in Bangladesh.



Known to target Islamist openly, he has created another storm with yet another click. Jibon Ahmed’s picture of a couple embracing in a kiss during monsoon showers, has created a major online stir!



The kissing couple picture was shared by the photojournalist on Facebook. It was clicked in front of Dhaka University’s Teachers and Students’ Centre. Jibon Ahmed’s picture became instantly viral when it was posted.



The embracing couple were totally oblivious to the passing crowd around them. Ahmed posted the picture with the caption, “This is a poem of the blessed rains, let love be free.”



Jibon Ahmed’s picture became the latest topic of controversy despite some positive reactions as well. This sweet picture soon became a battleground for secular Bengali nationalism and Islamist.



One enraged micro-blogger wrote, “Lovers are getting more audacious. Earlier these things were done in secret, now in broad daylight. The day is not far when they will be making love in public.”



This uncalled attack on Ahmed sparked severe outrage. Fahima Durrat, a professor at Dhaka University, attacked sick minds by saying, “those who are used to molestation only feel ill when seeing a photo of love or friendship”.




Women were left applaud when news of the photographer getting assaulted for this picture, started spreading like wildfire.



Jibon Ahmed’s picture was soon slammed by the self-proclaimed moral police, with memes which actually show the heights of hypocrisy!



A Bangladeshi news website Kaler Kantho soon reported that fellow photographers attacked Ahmed for allegedly ‘tainting’ the profession on photojournalism.



Aside from personal attacks, several social media sources like Purbapashchimb have alleged that Jibon has been fired from his job, following such public outrage.



According to Jibon, “the couple was aware of the photo being taken and did not object.” He further added that, “after the image went viral, the couple was contacted and that they ensured that they were okay with it.




Ahmed remained unavailable for further comment. This shocking incident of moral policing will once again question the progression of Bangladesh.