The Inexplicable Behaviour Of Railway Tracks In A Jharkhand Village Is Baffling Scientists

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5:03 pm 23 Mar, 2015

At 8 am every morning a railway track near the village Lohriyatand on the Hazaribagh-Barkakana route starts coming close, very close, to another. By 11 am they almost touch. At 3 pm it starts moving away.

Believing this to be a supernatural phenomenon, gullible villagers have begun worshipping the iron rails. The scientific community, on the other hand, is baffled.

The 15-20 feet section of the route where this spooky phenomenon occurs is yet to be opened to trains.

Those in charge of the track maintenance used thick logs to keep the tracks from merging but failed. The pull was so powerful, it snapped the iron clips used to fasten the tracks to the sleepers (the cement platforms).

Scientists believe this to be a cause of a strong magnetic field effect, which can be confirmed after drilling. A senior geologist says that the stones over which the track has been laid should be inspected.


A railway engineer says that this could be a result of fluctuation in temperature, which can be gauged by installing SAJ (Switch Expansion Joint).

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None, however, has a plausible explanation.


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