Lax Jharkhand Officials Registered Dhoni’s Hummer As Scorpio And Incurred Losses Due To It

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6:46 pm 17 Mar, 2016


So you though that big beast of a car Mahendra Singh Dhoni drives on the roads of Ranchi is a Hummer? You are wrong, dude! That’s a Scorpio!


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Now wait a minute. You can clearly see that the car is a Hummer and not a Scorpio. So who made the blunder?


Blame it on the Jharkhand state transport department. The enlightened people in the department “erroneously” wrote down Dhoni’s Hummer as Scorpio in their records.

Why? Because according to district transport officer of Ranchi Hummer was not an option in the online vehicle registration system at the time, since it is a foreign car. Therefore, they registered it as a Scorpio.



As you can see, many columns were left blank. This “error” means that the tax to be paid on the car went down faster than the fall in temperatures in Tundra.

Dhoni paid only Rs.53,000 instead of Rs.4 lakh as registration fees for the car for the years 2009 and 2010.


The department says that he has not paid his taxes since, and they want to recover the same from him along with penalty.


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But this jugaadbazi is one of the many glaring examples of departmental laxity – government offices as well as banks – which collectively results in losses worth crores to the country.