Jharkhand CM Says If You Consider India As Your Country, Then Cow Is Like Mother

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4:59 pm 20 Aug, 2016


Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that those who consider India as their country should treat cow as their mother.

“The Sangh Parivar is united on this matter. Cow is our mother. Those who are living in India and are Indians, those who consider India as their country, for them cow is their mother,” he told PTI.

His statement comes in backdrop of PM Modi hitting out at cow vigilantes for creating violence in the country.

Das said, “What our Prime Minister has said on this issue is right. You may believe in any religion, any caste, but cow is our mother and we should protect cows. But, in the name of cow vigilance if someone is using violence, then that will not be tolerate.”


Raghubar Das IndianExpress

He further said people involved in cattle smuggling are behind such crimes.

“I personally feel those who are involved in cattle smuggling and export are involved in these crimes. This angle should be probed,” Das said.



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