Jhanvi Behal, 15-Year-Old Activist, Will Hoist Tricolour At Lal Chowk On August 15

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5:26 pm 23 Jul, 2016

Jhanvi Behal is the same 15-year-old Ludhiana activist who had previously challenged JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar for an open debate on freedom of speech and expression during the JNU riots.

This time, she is miffed with growing animosity and hostile sentiments against the Indian army, flag and the country in Kashmir Valley.

Concerned about tricolor being ripped apart in educational institutions of Srinagar, she has decided to hoist the Indian national flag on the the Independence Day right in the heart of Srinagar, at Lal Chowk.



She says she’s upset by the outrage and disrespect towards India shown by Kashmiris. She has also openly confessed how she’s fearless and challenged anyone who’d dare stop her. ”Rok sako toh rok lo (Stop me if you can),” she says.



Listen Jhanvi speak to the press:




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