Chinese Actor Jet Li Donates 4.75 Crore Rupees To His Dead Stunt Double’s Parents

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7:30 pm 23 Aug, 2017


Chinese film actor Jet Li has donated 4.75 crore (HKD 5.8 million) to the family of his stunt double Liu Kun who died in 2011 on the set of ‘The Expendables 2’. There has been no official comment on the donation. Some media reports suggest that the actor wanted the donation to remain private.

In 2011, it was reported that 26-year old Liu Kun died during the shooting of action sequel ‘The Expendables 2’. The scene in which Liu Kun lost his life involved an explosion in a rubber boat near a dam on Lake Ognyanovo in Bulgaria. Another stuntman had sustained serious injuries while the scene was being shot.

Jet Li donated Rs.4.75 crore Rupees to his dead stunt double’s family YouTube


In 2012, Liu Kun’s parents filed a case against Millennium Films and Chad Stahelski, the stunt coordinator of the movie, in Los Angeles Superior Court for his wrongful death. They sued the filmmakers and the stunt coordinator for funeral and burial expenses and “the loss of society, love, comfort, attention, services and support” of their son. In their suit, the two had claimed that the filmmakers and the stunt coordinator “negligently and carelessly failed to provide adequate protection from harm to the participants of the stunts”.

After battling for justice for 4 years, the court awarded a small compensation of Rs. 15.96 lakh (HKD 1,95,000) to Liu’s parents Liu Zong Yu Liu and Bai Yan Mei. After the court announced its decision, it was publicly held that the compensation awarded by the court devalued the stuntman’s life.


The news of Jet Li having given a donation of Rs. 4.75 crore to his stunt double’s parents was revealed after the court’s decision on the lawsuit filed by the stuntman’s parents.



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