After Being Accused Of Exploiting Young Girls, Jeevitha Rajasekhar Defends Herself, Leaks A Private Video Of Sri Reddy

5:04 pm 18 Apr, 2018


Over the years, many celebrities have spoken about the casting couch prevalent in Bollywood and Tollywood. Recently, actress Sri Reddy spoke up on the issue very clearly which sparked a controversy in the Telugu film industry.




And now, a social activist named Sandhya has spoken against Jeevitha Rajasekhar and her husband, during a TV show. The woman has claimed that Jeevitha Rajasekhar exploited young women to help satisfy her husband’s sexual fantasies. “Jeevitha Rajasekhar used to bring girls to satisfy the sexual pleasures of her husband, Rajasekhar. She used to blackmail the working women who live in Ameerpet area emotionally”, the activist revealed, as per a report.



To bring some clarity to the issue, Jeevitha Rajashekar then conducted a press conference to talk about the allegations made against her. At the conference, she spoke up about Sri Reddy. She then made a strong statement and leaked a private video of Sri Reddy. In the video, the Telugu actress can be seen quoting, “she will be in sexy mood 24×7”. Jeevitha further reveals that people would not easily believe the fact that she (Reddy) was exploited in the Telugu film industry.



The revelations started when Reddy openly talked about filmmakers, actors, and people from the industry who exploited her. Further, she also gave a proof of all the statements she made. After her statements, the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce has set up a committee for actresses to address the issue of sexual exploitation.




Previously, the Movie Artist Association banned Reddy and the other people who work with her. The ban was later lifted when the National Human Rights Commission gave a notice to them.

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