Didn’t Qualify For JEE 2015? Cheer Up Because You Can Still Rock The World With These Career Options

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5:00 pm 11 Apr, 2015


India, produces the largest annual count of engineers in the world. But if JEE mains 2015, have made you feel, that you don’t have it in you, worry not, these career options, which require nothing beyond a plus2 education, will make you far more richer than a career in engineering would have. Why not consider them?

1. Politics

Organize a rally followed by the picketing from some prominent authority and make sure to go on a hunger strike, so that the attention, of the local media is attracted. In no time, you will have thousands of parties bandwagoning for your support. Choose your answer after analyzing the future prospects of the party carefully. And if play your cards right, who knows, one day you might have the authority to shape the future of education in this country, even without a formal college education, or having won a single election!

2. Acting

If you are a girl go for a cosmetic surgery and if you are a guy, build a good physique. Make sure to learn a few steps too. Acting training? Absolutely no need! This is India, who cares if you can’t act, if you look presentable enough and can shake your booty?

3. Directing


The biggest of the Indian blockbusters, the higher deficit in logic. In fact, you being a higher secondary pass, happen to be overqualified for being the profession of a film director in a nation, that believes in gravity defying stunts.

4. Writing

Didn’t you read the works of all the famous authors on various blogs of this nation? The great teenagers who are each experts in fields of cinema, literature, society, economics and politics. Yes, it might take a great deal of dedication to reach their level of erudition, but they started out with their expert commentaries in your age itself. Please note that mandatory disregard for the established scholars is a must in this field and never read texts in full. Always be judgmental if you want success. And yes, success is measured in terms of the likes and comments you can force your friends to allot and nothing beyond that!

5. Photography

Buy yourself a DSLR, now click a selfie with it and post on social media, followed by creation of your own photography page. Congratulations!! You are officially a national asset now!

6. Music

Melodious songs with earnest lyrics? Nah, that’s for losers! Gen Z wants only rapping baby! And tune and rhythm kills the song! And yes, the more crass your lyrics are, the more successful you are likely to be and don’t forget to induce a hint of misogyny in them!

7. Astrology

And ultimately, for all those miserable losers in the country who are too frustrated to pass the buck, on anyone now, you can always take up the job of blaming their stars, just be good at making stories up. Do tie up with a famous jewellery line to expand you gemology business.

8. And if everything fails there always is IIN.

And the best part is you can major in 2 disciplines at once without paying a penny in tuition fees!


Jokes apart, failing to get through the institute of your choice isn’t the end of the world. There is always a second chance. So, work hard for the remaining competitives. Best of Luck!

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