JNU Professor Jayati Ghosh Says Intelligence Bureau Behind Anti-India Slogans

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3:43 pm 6 Mar, 2016


JNU’s noted economist Jayati Ghosh has alleged that the anti- national slogans raised in JNU were a “constructed conspiracy.”



Jagran Economist Jayati Ghosh

She also claims that it was constructed by the state to defame the university.

Ghosh, who is also a faculty member of JNU, also said that the constructed conspiracy was “planned at a higher level.”


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She added that JNU suspects that the three masked men who raised the ‘anti-national’ slogans were apparently from Intelligence Bureau (IB).



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Ghosh was addressing the students during a lecture on “anti-national policies of NDA” and that the lecture was part of the “nationalism teaching” series which is being conducted at JNU.

She concluded the lecture by saying that “We (JNU) are more important than we think… we are really a target. This is why we have to defend ourselves.”


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