This Is How MoS Jayant Sinha Set An Example For Every Indian Politician

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2:57 pm 7 Nov, 2016

In India, we usually expect a minister to behave like an emperor. But some ministers are so humble, they set an example not only for their counterparts but for the entire political establishment. A classic example of that is MoS Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha.

The minister and his wife had tickets for seats with extra leg space on a Bengaluru-Kolkata-Ranchi Indigo flight from Kolkata. But when they boarded the aircraft, they discovered that a girl and her mother had been occupying the seats from Bengaluru, which were unoccupied up to Kolkata.

Sinha realised that the mother of the girl was unwell, and so he let the girl and her mother have the seats.

The girl, Shreya Pradip, posted this selfie of hers with the minister expressing her gratitude.


Let us all learn etiquette from the minister.


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