Ahead Of Elections, Jayalalithaa Promises To Prohibit Alcohol In Tamil Nadu

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3:37 pm 10 Apr, 2016


Ahead of Tamil Nadu elections, the state chief minister J Jayalalithaa promised to introduced alcohol prohibition in a phased manner, if voted back to power.

While addressing a rally in Chennai, she said:

“If AIADMK comes back to power then prohibition will be introduced in phases. The timing of the liquor shops will be reduced, the bars will be closed, rehabilitation centres will be opened and the number of liquor outlets will be reduced.”

The announcement comes after Bihar recently completely banned the sale of alcohol.




She attacked DMK president M Karunanidhi for the lifting prohibition in 1971 and added they introduced liquor to a generation that did not know about the drink.

She told people, “AIADMK’s promises to bring prohibition cannot be believed. Prohibition was launched in Salem in 1937 and extended in a phased manner. On January 30, 1948, total prohibition was launched in Tamil Nadu. It was relaxed in 1971 by the Karunanidhi government.”



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Further, she listed various welfare schemes implemented by her government, saying her aim to fulfil needs of every woman in the state.



She also introduced her party’s 21 candidates standing for the election.