Celebrity Hair Stylist Jawed Habib Faces The Wrath Of Social Media For ‘Hurting Religious Sentiments’

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7:00 pm 8 Sep, 2017

Social media has the habit of getting offended by anything and everything it seems. Whether celebrities do something or they don’t do anything, people don’t leave a single chance to troll and criticize them. And this time, its celebrity hair stylist Jawed Habib who has come under fire for posting an “offensive” ad.

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Renowned for his hair styling skills and chain of salons across the country, Jawed Habib recently had an advertisement published in a newspaper under his company’s name for the upcoming Durga Puja that is celebrated with much fanfare in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal.

The ad showed goddess Durga, along with her children Kartik, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Ganesh enjoying services at his salon. The picture has a caption, “Gods too visit JH salon”.

Have a look at the ad below:

Ad by Jawed Habib Salon Twitter


But the view of gods and goddesses having a relaxing time at the salon many people angry and put across furious responses on Twitter. Some of these can be seen here:


The fuss did not end with social media trolls as a lawyer named Vinay Pandey filed a case against Jawed Habib for using pictures of Hindu gods and goddesses in the newspaper ad for his salon. While he was being slammed and trolled hard for the “offensive” advertisement, there were some people as well as media houses who saw nothing wrong in the advert as per Bengali culture and stood by Jawed Habib. Here are some tweets from people who stood by him:


The hair stylist did not take much time in apologizing for having “inadvertently hurt sentiments”. He posted a series of tweets and a video on Twitter for hurting the sentiments of the people. In the video, he said that his only religion is his scissors and that he never makes attempts to come into the limelight for anything apart from that. Habib clarified that the ad was published by a partner who somehow did not seek his approval, which he should have, and apologized for the ad. Here is what Jawed Habib posted on Twitter:



Habib also apologized to a religious group of Mumbai. Here is a related tweet:


In fact, his salon brand put up an ad as well apologizing for inadvertently hurting the sentiments of people. Have a look at the ad below: