Javed Miandad Is Angry Because Shahid Afridi Praised India

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Updated on 1 Sep, 2017 at 5:55 pm

Swashbuckling Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi said that the love the Pakistani cricket team receives in India is more than the love they get back home.




And that has angered Javed Miandad, a cricket legend in his own right.





Miandad went on asking what India had given to Pakistan that made Afridi so effusive in his praise for the hosts of the T20 World Cup.





According to Miandad, who is the father-in-law of Dawood Ibrahim’s daughter, such comments are “unnecessary”.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani TV anchor too lost his cool during a live programme and cursed Afridi for uttering such “anti-national” comments.



Arnab Meme