Javed Akhtar Gets Trolled For Accusing The Establishment Of Not Considering Muslims As Indians

1:37 pm 13 Nov, 2017


This year’s Sahitya Aaj Tak was in for some debate as one of India’s noted poet and lyricist Javed Akhtar took the audience through the evolution of thoughts in India. However, in doing so, he also took a dig at the establishment for allegedly not considering Muslim as Indians. The 72-year-old lyricist further said that people have completely misinterpreting the term “nationalism”, and that in the current scenario he doesn’t mind being labelled as an anti-nationalist himself.

Javed Akhtar on the second day of Sahitya Aaj Tak event. India Today


Javed Akhtar was quoted saying:


The interpretation of nationalism for some people is quite strange. They think that they are the nation. If you oppose them, then you become anti-national.

These politicians are like the harvesting crop. They change when the crop changes. They don’t stay here for eternity. Nation is larger than a political party and a politician. Any politician who thinks that he is the nation, then he is wrong.

It is to be remembered that Akhtar had previously criticized central minister V.K. Singh for proposing to rename Akbar Road to Maharana Pratap Road in Delhi, saying that among the great leaders that India had produced, Akbar was one of them.

Javed Akhtar also said that Akbar was as much as Indian as other Hindu leaders were. Daily Mail


Talking on the lines, Akhtar said:

This country has produced many great leaders and if you make a list of them, then without Akbar that list is incomplete.

Further elaborating on how Muslims are allegedly sidelined by the majority community in India, he said:

It is saddening that a secular Muslim is always abused by fundamentalist people and the people from the other side.

This is a very sorry state of affairs that any Muslim is not considered an Indian. Tipu Sultan is not an Indian and if I do not agree to this thought, then I become anti-national. Then I am an anti-national.

Javed Akhtar. India Today


Needless to say, Javed Akhtar had to be at the receiving end of much criticism, especially on the social media micro-blogging community of Twitter. Here are some comments against him:

Is this person has absolutely right about Mina Bazaar? If so, then he has got some point!

Akhtar’s favoring of Akbar brought a flurry of reactions, mostly against him:

Again, this point is to be noted:

True enough!


Do you agree with Javed Akhtar? Do you think Akbar is as important and respectful to Indian history as Maharana Pratap or Shivaji? Do let us know about your opinion in the comments section below.