For The Eighth Vow, This Jat Couple Decided To Give Up Their Caste

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5:59 pm 12 Jul, 2016

During the violent Jat stir in February this year, the disharmony between Jats and non-Jat communities got deepened irreparably.

Jagdeep Singh Virdi, a Jat research scholar from Rohtak, was aghast seeing the raging violence in his hometown. Like many others, he couldn’t understand why’d one be killing their own neighbours.

He was completely disgusted and broken by the mayhem this entire agitation produced. As a result, he no longer wanted to be associated with any of the castes.


Taking  the first step towards a change he wants to see, Jagdeep decided with her fiance Seema to not pose such societal regulation on their children. And so, as their eighth vow on July 13, the couple will relinquish the concept of caste.

Here’s the pledge that these two have got printed on their wedding cards:

Putri ya putra ki prapti hamare liye ek samaan khushi layegi. Aaj se hum apni jaati-gotra ka tyag kar sarvashrestha manav jaati ke uthaan me sehyog karenge. Apne santan ko bhi hum shresth jati-viheen samaj ki shiksha denge”

This translates into: (Son or daughter will make us equally happy. Today, we relinquish the concept of caste and will contribute in propagating humanity instead. We will teach our kids to believe in a caste-less society.)

In fact, it’s not just the couple willing to step into a new era, the parents of the groom and bride are also proud of their children’s wise decision.

Jagdeep’s father Rajender Singh says:

“I am happy that my son and daughter-in-law are putting human values ahead of caste. A society free of caste prejudices will be a better place to live in. There will be lesser problems.”

In a society which has been stubbornly clinging to prejudices and beliefs from the past, Jagdeep’s contemporary and sensible thought of action is not just commendable but a revolution in the making.

In fact, apart from the personal initiative that he’s taking, Jagdeep has also built a closed knit community on Facebook to do away with all discriminations in the society.

He runs a Facebook page by the name ‘One caste-one India initiative’ which is highly popular among MDU students.He thinks the students have been way too disturbed by past agitations and hence have got the fire to bring about a change.


Surprisingly, Jagdeep’s initiative is gaining popularity and much appreciation not just from liberal, contemporary Indians but much more from the local communities.

For the start, this is coming out to bring a promising change. Better late, than never.


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