In This Japanese Restaurant, Monkeys Are Your Waiters

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8:47 am 20 Jul, 2016

Monkeys are said to be our old ‘brothers’ who were left behind in the evolution process. Turns out, the species has evolved into a politer and more courteous being than their human counterparts. So much so that they might soon be a threat to our jobs.

Actually in Japan, they already are!



Yat-chan and Fuku-chan are a pair of Japanese macaque monkeys employed at a ”sake house” in Tokyo.

These monkeys  have fixed working hours in accordance to Animal Rights Welfare rules in Japan and are present in the restaurant as workers for barely two hours a day. They are obedient, quick and courteous to the customers when offering them hot towels or a bottle of beer. The customers are undoubtedly delighted and astonished by their intelligence.




“The monkeys are actually better waiters than some really bad human ones!” confesses one customer at the restaurant.

“These guys are really adorable. They’re like my kids. Well actually better — my son doesn’t listen to me but Yat-chan will”, says another.

The owner of the restaurant never actually trained these monkeys for work. They have been his regular pets and used to watch him do all the work at the restaurant until one day he gave one of the monkeys a hot towel to deliver to the customer and the monkey enthusiastically obeyed.


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The monkeys understand the customer’s requirements as much as their words.

Yat-chan and Fuku-chan are certified restaurant employees who are now ready to invite more monkeys to join them as waiters in the restaurant.

Some are complaining that this act is less cute and more cruel, but this individual’s experience at the restaurant tells us something else.

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Human, cut the slack. Don’t know about the aliens, but these witty monkeys might soon take over the world!



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