Janwaar Castle Skateboarding Park Is So Much Fun That Rural Kids Attend School Just To Play There

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3:22 pm 19 Aug, 2016

Built in a densely-populated tiger reserve, a tribal school in Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh is getting help to educate children from a very unlikely source (specially in India) – a skateboarding park called Janwaar Castle. The park is a learning camp with skateboarding as its core activity.

Janwaar Castle


Organizers have made a rule that all children who want to use the park have to fulfill one basic criteria – attend the local government school. The park provides the children with computers and tablets that help them in their “regular education” too. The park also provides skateboards, helmets and safety pads for the kids, who had not seen a skateboard before the park was built.

Skateboard park


The park covers 450 sq km and is the largest of its kind in India; it is also the first rural skateboard park. The park was built by 12 volunteers who came from seven different countries to help turn the park into reality.

rural kids skateboarding


Organizers have invited artists from around the world to help transform the skateboards into art-boards. This initiative has received response not only from known artists but also the children themselves. We hope the park will continue to flourish as a center that helps rural children develop new social and personal skills.

skateboarding girl


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