Janhvi Kapoor Brutally Trolled For Wearing A Tight-fitted Dress

6:38 pm 26 Nov, 2018


The rise of social media has bridged the gap between celebrities and their fans. Due to the presence of a good number of social media platforms these days, there is a continuous interaction between celebrities and their followers, which is in-fact a good thing. However, there have been many instances when actors have been trolled on the social media. Especially, when it comes to women, they are often judged for their appearance and dressing sense.

Female actors are under constant pressure of being scrutinised by the society. However, it never stops them from being what they are. Out of the many young celebrities who face immense trolling, Janhvi Kapoor is at the top of the list. Read below to know what happened when she was subjected to trolls this time.




Though, Janhvi has escaped the trolls many times by simply ignoring them, people never stopped slamming her.



Recently, Janhvi was spotted wearing a tight fitted black shirt paired with a purple colored legging. She looked super chik and her picture only spoke of how comfortable she was wearing this outfit. As Janhvi smiled her heart out, people started slamming and trolling her on the social media.



The comments on social media are a clear indication of the fact that whatsoever a female celebrity prefers wearing in her everyday life, she would mostly be put down for her choices. Checkout some of the comments below:



More comments!



Look at this!



And this one







It looks like these trolls are not going to stop any time and people would keep shaming others. This is not the only incident of trolling that has happened to Janhvi Kapoor. She has been trolled previously too. Do you think celebrities owe anything to us? Why they are not being spared for their life choices.

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