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Janbhasha Centers In Durg District Of Chhattisgarh Will Promote Colloquial Use Of Sanskrit

Published on 11 October, 2017 at 4:23 pm By

Despite being the mother of all languages, Sanskrit, the oldest language of the world, is being taken over by international languages including English. Though it is still studied and taught in many parts of the country, its importance as well as use in daily lives is deteriorating with the passage of time.

In an attempt to stop that from happening, and give more importance to the ancient Indian language, Durg district of Chhattisgarh is working on opening up of 20 Janbhasha Centers in the district.


This is the first time when the district has initiated such an effort. These centers aim to promote Sanskrit as a colloquial language.


Sanskrit is the oldest language of the world IndianEagle

Sanskrit Vidyamandalam and district education department have already granted theoretical approval to the project. Nai Duniya reports that the work-plan of these Janbhasha Centers has been prepared by district education officer Ashutosh Chavre and Sanskrit Vidyamandalam member and Acharya Neelesh Sharma. The plan was presented before education minister Kedar Kashyap who further recommended it to Vidyamandalam.

Expert teachers of Sanskrit subject in the district will be playing important role at these centers. Out of the 186 Sanskrit teachers in Durg district, 22 most proficient ones have been selected for this project. It is worth a mention that these teachers will work at the centers as volunteers and will not charge any fee for the same.

People, irrespective of their age, will be connected with these centers and will be taught Sanskrit as a colloquial language in a very simple way. These centers will be operated in any of the public premises for two to three hours every evening. Once operational, the experts will hand over the centers to competent youth who will keep it operational. Then these experts will work for creation and development of more new centers. The process will be a continuous one and will ensure that Sanskrit is taken to people as a medium of conversation in their daily lives.


Some of the places where the Janbhasha Centers will be started initially are Tilak School Durg, Borai, Risali Bhilai, Vaishalinagar Bhilai, Jaamgaon M., Jaamgaon R. and Khudmudi.

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