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PUBG Highly Addictive, J&K Students Association Demands Ban

Published on 17 January, 2019 at 5:40 pm By


Smartphones have made our lives simpler. They have created a whole new virtual world within the real world. They have merged the boundaries, brought in new innovations that seem to be transformational. Not to miss, the millennial are the ones who are getting easily lured by this new development. Whether it is buying, dating or gaming, smartphones and the internet offer a wide array of options for people to get involved. It all appears attractive initially but soon t converts into addiction which adversely affect us. Well, here we are talking about PUBG Mobile, the latest gaming sensation that is gripping the world.

You would find people sticking to their mobiles, fighting the battle in a virtual world. And this addiction has become so strong that it has started affecting the health of people, especially students.


The latest news comes from Jammu and Kashmir where the student association of the state has requested the governor to take some strict actions and ban the PUBG Mobile.



This wrath has come after the poor results of class 10th and 12th. They are addressing PUBG Mobile as the future spoiler. Did you know that a PUBG fan on an average spends around 8 hours a week on this game? That’s a whopping number and at the same time alarming as well.



Such games can create mental stress and in fact, the continuous focus required in this game can affect the eyes and health of the person.




Do you think a ban should be imposed on the game? Drop your comments below and let us know!

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