Incessant Rains Have Led To Water-logging In Jalpaiguri, Making Life Tough For Villagers

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8:59 pm 20 Jun, 2016


Heavy rainfall in Sikkim and Bhutan hills has led to massive water-logging in unprotected areas of Jalpiguri in West Bengal, with Basusuba and Chapadanga areas in Malbazar block being the worst hit.

River Teesta’s rising water levels led to the opening of the sluice gates of the Teesta Barrage at Gajoldoba. However, locals say that an embankment breached last year had not been repaired and water was gushing through it.

Jalpaiguri shepherd


Jalpaiguri Sadar SDO Seema Haldar said that civil defence personnel had been deployed to help move affected people to safer areas.

However, as the photo above shows, some people do not seem to have any help in getting themselves and their precious possessions to safety. This farmer was seen struggling all by himself to make his goats reach safety.


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