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There Is A Very Strong Reason Behind Why Tamil Nadu’s Biggest Names Are Supporting Jallikattu

Updated on 23 January, 2017 at 12:24 am By

A brief history before the protests

The first ban happened in 2006, but the wheels of turning Jallikattu into a major point of conflict started with the Congress-led UPA II government. The then environment minister Jairam Ramesh issued a notification in 2011 banning the use of bulls as “performing animals” – technically aimed at Jallikattu.


The matter then escalated and reached the Supreme Court, which effectively banned the bull-taming sport on a petition by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI).


When the BJP-led NDA government revoked the ban through a notification in 2016 but with a rider that no animal is injured, PETA went to the apex court again.

Acting on PETA’s petition, the Supreme Court intervened and again banned Jallikattu. It agreed to relook into the ban but said that the decision cannot be given before Pongal festival.

Since Jallikattu happens immediately after the Pongal celebrations, the delay in the decision did not go down well with supporters of the traditional sport.

The protests

In no time, thousands of supporters came out on the streets of Chennai and elsewhere peacefully demanding Jallikattu.



Protestors throng the Marina Beach in support of Jallikattu.TweeterNews

Since January 17, the protestors have been raising slogans in favour of Jallikattu. Some are even calling for a ban on PETA for interfering mindlessly with a tradition.

Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi today to discuss the matter. In his memorandum he wrote why the tradition is integral to the people of Tamil Nadu and threw light on its ancient roots dating back to more than 2000 years.

The memorandum also reads that the bulls are not harmed but “embraced”.


The big names who are backing Jallikattu

The protestors are receiving support from some of the biggest names in Tamil Nadu. Besides political parties, who have united in support of the sport, the influential Tamil film industry, too, has been joining their voice with the protestors.

Legendary actor Kamal Haasan was one of the first to unabashedly support the sport.

On the sidelines of the India Today conclave, the famed actor said that if Jallikattu is to be banned because of alleged animal cruelty, a ban should also be imposed on biryani.

When India Today’s managing editor Rahul Kanwal pointed out that animal rights activists are upset that bulls get injured in the sport.

“Oh, yes, they must be. Then ban biryani,” pat came Haasan’s reply.


Haasan revealed that he himself had participated in Jallikattu, and is one of the very few actors to do so. Before signing off, Haasan reminded that “more people die of motor vehicle accidents”.

Others spoke on almost every platform, including Twitter.

Actor Dhanush, who is also the son-in-law of Rajinikanth:

Actor Vijay:


Playback singer Chinmayi Sripaada:

Composer G.V. Prakash Kumar:

Lyricist Madhan Karky:

Actor Silambarasan:

Director Mohan Raja:

Cricketer R. Ashwin:

And the legendary Vishwanathan Anand:

Tamilians from across the world are supporting Jallikattu:

Even publications based out of Tamil Nadu came out in support:

Speaking on national television, Kris Srikkanth slammed PETA’s ignorance on the matter. He said that Jallikattu is not “cruelty to animals”. He pointed out that men are the ones who are injured and die during Jallikattu.


And these are just the voices from Tamil Nadu alone. Hundreds of thousands across India are lending their support to the peaceful protests.



So what is making so many people come together in support of the sport?

One reason could be PETA’s own ignorance of the tradition. In fact, PETA is the one that has come in for immense criticism for singling out a tradition to further its agenda.


PETA claims to be working to protect animals. But people are not convinced because of the selective outrage of animal rights activists. The fact that so many prominent names in Tamil Nadu, including the likes of Vishwanathan Anand, are supporting Jallikattu and saying that it is not cruelty to animals as is being alleged must mean something.

On the other hand, Poorva Joshipura wrote an article to defend PETA. But instead of making a case for the ban on Jallikattu, she painted all its supporters as “misogynists”, “bullies”, and “liars”. Instead of voicing concern for animal rights, she accuses all men of being cruel to animals. Clearly, a misandrist article that proves that PETA has no ground to claim that Jallikattu is actually animal cruelty.

This is why there are many who are treading the line Haasan drew – “ban biryani, too”. In fact, people on social media are asking why PETA is not vociferously campaigning against festivals like Bakr-i-Eid, in which lakhs of goats are slaughtered.

PETA is totally silent on how Jallikattu actually helps in the survival of the species.



While Indian laws prevent the killing of any animal except in slaughter houses, Bakr-i-Eid is the only religious festival which is outside this law.

Yet there are voices that continue to speak against specific Indian (read Hindu) traditions alone, including an article published today in the DNA.


And there are others who point at the foreign hand working against India’s tradition:


Animal cruelty is something that should be looked into, but becoming selective in the outrage against animal cruelty – calling for a ban on Jallikattu but opposing beef ban – is hypocritical. Perhaps this is why the people are angry on PETA and the judiciary for its decision based on PETA’s appeal.


The selective banning of traditions or rituals involving animal cruelty will only create conflicts in India’s society and grant inimical forces the free hand to create disturbances.



Correction: An earlier version of this article credited Ambika Shukla as the writer of the Huffington Post article against Jallikattu. It is actually Poorva Joshipura, CEO of PETA. The error is regretted.


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