This 20-Year-Old YouTube Sensation Just Bought A House In L.A. Some Hollywood A-Listers Can’t Afford

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6:49 pm 17 Nov, 2017


YouTube sensation Jake Paul has purchased a plush 15,000-square-foot property stretching across 3.5 acres of land for about Rs.45 crore (INR equivalent of USD 6.925million) in Calabasas city of Los Angeles. He is a renowned YouTube star who was seen as Dirk on Disney Channel’s show ‘Bizaardvark’. He also runs his own YouTube channel that has over 11 million subscribers. He had initially shot to fame on Vine, a short-form video hosting service that has since been closed down. And he is just 20 years old.


The lavish new mansion has everything one can imagine a dream-home to have.


Jake Paul’s new house in Calabasas. Mashable

A beautiful swimming pool with two waterfalls, a theater room, a gym, a spa, office-space, a lavish living room, floor-to-ceiling picture windows, a spiral staircase, a fireplace, an elaborate kitchen and dining space are all parts of the new extravagant house.



Swimming pool in Jake Paul’s new mansion. Mashable/ Openlistings

Also adding further opulence to the pad are arched doorways, eight splendid bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a wet bar and views of the mountains. The offbeat metal block sculpture in front of the house makes it look classier.


One of the 10 bathrooms in Jake Paul’s new house. Mashable/ Amit Apel Design

Earlier in July, Paul reportedly had a clash with his ex-neighbors over his rowdy lifestyle. When he had rented a home in West Hollywood, his neighbors had accused him of turning their peaceful neighborhood into a ‘war zone’.

Many claim that Paul loved noisy parties with his friends and did dangerous stunts at his home. Also, he has often made his house address public, so his fans, which he calls “Paulers” also often showed up at his house.


The impressive three-story entrance. Mashable/ Amit Apel Design

At his new spacious hideout, Paul will be quite far away from even his closest neighbors, allowing him plenty of space to throw parties. It also brings him closer to his brother Logan, who recently purchased a new mansion in Encino, a short drive away from Calabasas.

Paul announced his new purchase on his Instagram page in a post with a long and lovely caption. Have a look at his Instagram post below:

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LOOK MOM I BOUGHT MY FIRST HOUSE… lolllll 😅ALSO SCREWED because I have no idea how to decorate or design it😩😅but I do KNOW FOR A FACT that it's about to get lit up in this joint & there's going to be many insane memories & fun moments to come. CANT wait to share this chapter of my life with y'all & become even closer as a family. & side note but important… to anyone in school or at home getting bullied or told you can't do something in life, it's BULL SH** I've dealt with it my whole life & even till this day.. people judging me + people talking sh** & people speaking negatively about me on social media… whatever it may be or whatever people tell you or say about you, don't listen to them or let it affect you… trust me… especially because I have yet to see a hater BUY ONE OF DESE BAD BOI'S… lollllllooolol #yeahtheyhatebuttheybroketho buttt furthermore & sorry for the novel HOWEVER you'll notice the statue in the background… his name is Bob… he is the shit.. if you mess with bob you mess with me… thank you… JAKE PAULERS FOR LIFE, LOVE YALL, STAY SEXY, REP THAT MERCH (link in bio) & ILL C YALL TOMORROW

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He also shared the good news with his fans and followers on his YouTube channel in a video that can be watched here.

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