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This Jaipur Mechanic Has An Awe-inspiring List Of Purchases, Including A Jaguar!

Published on 30 July, 2018 at 12:00 pm By

It’s not everyday that a mechanic dreams of not only driving a luxury car, but owning one too! A cycle mechanic’s daily wage is hardly enough to even bear the cost of his everyday living, let alone spending crores. However, if a person dreams hard enough to get over their current status, they can achieve anything, just like Jaipur‘s Rahul Taneja. His success story is as close as the Slumdog Millionaire script, but only this time, it’s for real!

While Surat can’t forget its resident Ramesh Lakhani for paying a costly Rs 2,42,999 for the registration number 9999 for his new CR series car, now Jaipur’s Rahul Tanjea has grabbed headlines after his inspirational rags-to-riches story:




Humble beginnings:

Jaipur’s Rahul Taneja had big dreams when he ventured out as a cycle mechanic. With his own ability and hard work, after 16 long years, he was finally able to change his fate. Rahul worked diligently as a mechanic for just a mere Rs 150 a month, before the inevitable.



Grinding poverty:

Rahul was born into a very poor family in Mandla district village. As the youngest, he was forced to help his father in repairing flat tyres. But he left home to work at a local dhaba for two years, and sold firecrackers in Diwali, colours in Holi and kites during Makar Sankranti.




Good looks brought him fame!

Apart from menial jobs, Jaipur’s Rahul Taneja got noticed for his personality and started modelling. With his 6 foot frame and good looks, he won the titles of Mr Jaipur, Mr Rajasthan and Male of the Year.



When richness kissed him!

After driving an auto-rickshaw, distributing newspapers and modelling assignments, Rahul Taneja was rich enough to do something which most people dream of – buy his first luxury car! And by luxury, it means only Jaguar!



The list continues….  

Rahul bought his first luxury car – a BMW 5 series in 2011 – with the premium number plate: RJ 14 CP 0001. And after 7 years, he purchased a shiny black Jaguar, worth a whooping Rs 1.5 Crore! Not just that, he waited a month to buy a special premium number ending with 0001 as well.



The professional bidder:

Jaipur’s Rahul Taneja purchased the RJ 45 CG 0001 special number plate with astonishing amount – Rs 16 lakh for this bond number! He out-bid three firms to buy, what is called, Rajasthan’s most expensive VIP number till date!



Fascination with Number 1:

Rahul Taneja spent Lakhs of rupees on Number 1 number plate, all his cars are registered with 0001, the last seven digits of his mobile phone and landline number are also 1. Incidentally, he was also a topper as a student at Adarsh Vidya Mandir, before he left home at the age of 11.



That’s not all!

In 1996, Rahul purchased a scooter with number plate RJ 2323, which is 2+3+2+3 adds up to 10. At that time, he couldn’t afford to buy a premium number and settled for this instead – but it still makes the number 1!





Today, Rahul owns a wedding management company called Live Creations. He progressed from fixing cycles to fixing wedding in a span of 16 years! What did you think of his inspirational story?

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