10 Ways ‘Jai Gangaajal’ Showed The Real Picture Of Indian Politics

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Updated on 11 Mar, 2016 at 10:40 am


The corrupt web of Indian politics has polluted the whole nation. Be it BJP or Congress, corruption is the only religion they worship and follow. Everyday, when an honest officer tries to change the system, the goons in Indian politics drag him down. Nation is wounded because political parties keep on fighting with each other.

Prakash Jha, the director of ‘Jai Gangaajal’, courageously shows the life an IPS officer in Bankipur, who works for the poor and harassed janta and fights against the sold-out cops. The plot gets more interesting when a new-age IIT activist (played by Rahul Bhat) protests against the illegal land mafia.

I recommend that every Indian should watch this movie to understand politics.

1. Our country is poisoned by corrupt MLAs, not the police.


2. Anyone who owns a gun, holds the real power.


3. Farmers and villagers suffer the most due to corruption.


4. If an IPS officer tries the change the system, he/she is transferred overnight.



5. Every woman IPS officer has to go through mental torture from her own officers.

6. The police department is a mere puppet show in the hands of the MLAs.


7. Money can buy everything but not an honest officer.


8. The files of the biggest criminal cases against politicians are destroyed by the police department itself.


9. People are afraid to speak against politicians as they fear for their lives.


10. Innocents suffer in jail and the culprits walk freely.

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