These Women Play Dhols, And You Will Be Amazed To Know About Them

5:57 pm 14 Jan, 2019


People with passions are very strong. They fall in love with their passion and then there is no looking back for them. Even if then the path is filled with hurdles. They enjoy the beauty of struggle to achieve mastery.  Jahan Geet Singh is one such dreamer who dared to aspire something registered for men. She is the youngest female Dhol player from India who has been playing this instrument from the young age of 12. Another such player is Rani Taj, not from India but Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Meet the two women who are not related to each other but play the musical instrument which is dominantly played by men. It was comparatively easy for Rani as she was not in India but for Jahan, it was a challenge to be accepted by the society. However, she gave it back to the usual image of a Dhol player, which is always a man.




Let’s tell you about Rani Taj first, this woman from a Pakistani family in the UK always wanted to play Dhol and she did it, She started playing this musical instrument from the young age of nine and later took it as her profession. She rose to fame when in 2011 one of her Dhol playing videos went viral. She was playing the Dhol on the tunes of Rihana’s song Rude Boy in the streets on the UK. Look how amazingly she played with the song.



Jahan in Chandigarh saw the same dream to play the music instrument dominated by men. It was not accepted by society, though her family was with her. Coaches were not ready to teach her. Once her trainer asked her to ‘play like a man’. To which she said:

‘I will play like a girl and I will play the best Dhol I can’



Jahan has performed across the globe making India proud. Her videos have over 20 million views on social media. Currently pursuing her law degree from a Panjab University Jahan Geet has also spoken in TEDx organized by a local community in Chandigarh.



Jahan and Rani have made women all across the globe very proud. Their achievement is a clear indicator that if you dare to dream, then dream anything, even if it scares you. What do you think about their powerful Dhol beats?



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