Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Jagga Jasoos’ Is A Beautiful Ride, But The Messy Plot Might Disappoint You

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Updated on 15 Jul, 2017 at 10:55 pm


I had wondered endlessly, “Why ‘Jagga Jasoos’ took three years in the making?”, and when I left the theater, utterly fascinated, I got all my answers. All these years, Anurag Basu was passionately creating an experience that no Indian filmmaker has ever experimented.

Basu has made a fantastical world of peculiar characters, surreal locations, and beautiful animals, and within that, is a story of our jasoos Ranbir and Katrina.



The brave part is that Bollywood has finally attempted a musical, adventurous film, and this shows that cinema is evolving for a greater good. But this courageous attempt needed a better, perhaps, an easy storyline. And that is where the makers committed a major mistake.

The film is about Jagga’s unusual journey to find his only guardian, Bagchi, while he solves the twisted case of illegal arms. And in the midst of all this, is his slightly one-sided love for Katrina, who plays the role of a journalist.

Thankfully, this intense, messy plot is coated with the profound musical notes of Pritam Da.


Ranbir Kapoor has proved, again, that he is the best artist of this generation. Using the word ‘actor’ for him is an understatement.

Just like in ‘barrfi’, he captivated us with his gifted expressions, this time, he will hypnotize you as if Jagga is his second skin.


Katrina Kaif is surprisingly amazing, and she is the “lucky” reason why Jagga is able to solve the biggest conspiracy as he fights his way in Thailand’s beaches and Moroccan desserts.

Also, one has to laud Saswata Chatterjee’s role, who plays Ranbir’s guardian. Without his exceptional presence, the movie would have been emotionless.



In short, this film is a satiating journey for those who seek for limitless imagination in a simple story. There are no larger-than-life characters, but larger-than-life moments. Hence, if you are looking for cinema beyond entertainment, this passionate ride of Basu is a must-watch for you.

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