Jacqueline Fernandez’s Latest Photograph As ‘Yogini’ Is The Hottest Thing You Will See Today

3:05 pm 21 Nov, 2017


When it comes to fitness, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s name tops every list in the country. She is not just a pretty face in the Hindi film industry but also a stalwart when it comes to the fitness game. From being part of action films to performing pole dance like a pro in the film ‘A Gentleman’, she has aced it all with elan. In fact, she was so smitten by pole dance that she took it up in her fitness regime and wonderfully mastered it within just a few months!

Jacqueline Fernandez performing pole dance. YouTube


If you are a Jacqueline Fernandez fan or just another Bollywood junkie, chances are that you have watched Jacqueline practicing poll dance and was absolutely floored by it. And if you still haven’t, you may watch it here:


The Bollywood diva is back to creating headlines with her social media posts. This time, she took to her Twitter account to post an image of herself performing yoga on a pole! Yes, that’s correct – she performed a yogic pose by balancing herself on a pole. Needless to say, the fitness freak diva aced it wonderfully.

In fact, her caption “yogini” went perfectly with the photograph, making her the queen of internet sensations within minutes. Oh boy! didn’t she just slay in the picture!

And when Jacqueline posted such a wonderful image , Twitterati cound’t stop themselves in expressing their love for the Bollywood actress.

The first person to comment on the photograph was none other than Nargis Fakhri –

The fact that Jacqueline has a pole installed in her house seemingly amused many:

And it slayed so many hearts:

Wow! This guy had a brilliant insight to share:

This has to be the cutest reply!


What do you think about Jacqueline’s “yogini” pose? Isn’t she just lovely in what she’s doing? Do let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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