Only You Can Appreciate These Pictures Of Jackie Shroff Because You Love Viral Content

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 3:50 pm


1. No one gives a damn about Jaggu dada, my editor-in-chief told me. I disagreed and you proved me right.

Jackie Shroff

2. Who cares what obscure movie he is acting in these days, as long as his photos are available on Google for news editors!

A handsome Jackie


3. Jaggu dada never cared about awards, but he was almost a regular until 11 years ago.

Jackie photo

4. These days he shows up his face in films in every language of India, and you have most likely never even heard of them. Just like his ads.

Jackie Shroff 5

5. Yet you are going through this post for more ‘information’ on Jaggu dada.

jackie Shroff in cell


6. You are dying to see a gif or a meme or a video of him doing his thing, while he takes the girl on a ride.


7. There is none of that but you still want to find out how this ends because you want to “know more”.

Jackie in Dhoom 3

8. Had the title read ‘Jaikishen Kakubhai Shroff’ instead of Jackie Shroff, you would have still clicked on it.

Jackie Look

9. This is the last point, and that you are here proves you would read anything.


Jackie Shroff

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