The Story Of Jackie Chan’s Parents’ Life Is So Good, They Actually Made A Movie About It

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Don’t we like watching fictional movies? There is always an element in them that makes our jaws drop. How interestingly they weave the stories and make everything fall in place at the end. The characters in movies are free and, after all the struggles, they unite, after all the dark patches they move towards light.

Something along the same lines happened in the lives of Jackie Chan’s parents.

Jackie Chan with his evergreen smile. Wikimedia Commons



Hong Kong’s superstar Jackie Chan is an incredible martial artist, actor, director, producer, stuntman, and singer. He has enormous international success and he devoted it to his parents.

Happy and passionate about his work. Wikimedia Commons

Jackie was born to Charles and Lee-Lee Chan, and the family emigrated to Canberra, Australia, in early 1960. Since Jackie was not so good academically, his father sent him to Hong Kong to the China Drama Academy where he excelled at acrobatics and martial arts.

Jackie with his parents. Wikimedia Commons

This amazing human being was raised by even more amazing parents. Their story will give you chills and major relationship goals.

His parents faced a difficult time in his upbringing and making him the star that he is today. To share their brave story with the masses, director Mabel Cheung made a film on them titled ‘Tale of Three cities’ in 2015.

From the movie, Tale of Three Cities. Wikimedia Commons


‘A Tale of Three Cities’ is an epic drama about the individual people who were divided and united by time. Their trajectories were shaped by circumstances which were beyond their control.

Wikimedia Commons


Charles Chan lost his first spouse to a disease and Lee Chan lost her husband in an air raid. They were both victims of a tragic fate but what bought them close was their fierce and adventurous nature.

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 Charles and Lee met in Wuhu during the Second Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s for the first time, then they were separated in Shanghai during the Chinese Civil War in the 1940s, and finally reunited in Hong Kong in the 1950s while their children from their previous marriages were left behind in mainland China.

When he watched the film about his parents, Jackie Chan cried and cried, until the end of the film.

Wikimedia Commons


Mabel Chang directed a documentary in 2003 titled ‘Traces of a Dragon’. It showed that Charles Chan was born with the name Fang Daolong. He talks candidly about his early life as a small-time gangster and an anti-communist goon during the Chinese Civil War. His threatening past forced him to change his name and flee to Hong Kong after the establishment of the People’s Republic in 1949.

A ‘Tale of Three Cities’ has captured thousands of heart by the struggle and separation the Chans faced during wars. Jackie Chan undoubtedly had ferocity and stardom in his genes.



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