Jammu And Kashmir Police Slams Politicians For Not Paying Their Respects When Cops Die

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 2:19 pm

A human who is selflessly devoted to protecting others is brave regardless of gender, age, religion or occupation. It sounds like an obvious statement, but the disappointment of Jammu and Kashmir police at the system speaks the tale of biased behavior.

A number of police officers have expressed their disappointment on Twitter taking a dig at politicians and the media. Without mincing any words, the officers have called out politicians for being hypocrites when it comes to using them and disappearing when one of them dies.

New Indian Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti.Channi Anand


The wrath of J&K policemen has been ignited by the recent killing of 6 police officers in a militant attack at Achabal in south Kashmir. Cops pointed out how when an army man dies everyone stands to pay homage but no one bats an eye for the policeman killed in the line of duty. The department is demanding equal respect for the equally perilous work they do.

Young SHO Feroz Dar who was martyred alongwith 5 cops in terrorist attack at Achabal, Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir.Twitter


An anonymous police officer tweeted,

We are fighting the dirty war of these politicians. We are the ones who on the ground face the consequences of their (politicians’) ill-conceived decisions. We stand by them in their worst times. But when it is time for them to stand with us, they simply vanish.

A policeman posted in Srinagar said,

If a soldier is killed, our politicians, even Chief Ministers, attend the wreath laying ceremony. From New Delhi to Srinagar, everyone pays homage to them. For television channels, they are the bravehearts, but when any of our colleague falls, there is no word from anywhere. Even the local politicians stay away.

Tahir Ashraf, a Superintendent of Police, tweeted twice and said,

Those who enjoy #JKpolice protection/help and fail to side with them at the time of grief are hypocrites with dead conscience.

Fine, but what the government is going to do for martyrs? Why shouldn’t state give at least Rs 1 crore to each family? Are we fighting for ourselves or the state?

A representative picture of an official funeral.The Quint


All the cops of Jammu and Kashmir have come together to help the families of martyrs by denoting a day’s salary as compensation. Till now, fourteen police personnel have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in various incidents and the department has decided to stand in solidarity to provide the needed help.

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